Fabricant d'oem / odm de machine d'imprimante de3D à Shenzhen
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DiY imprimante 3D

Imprimante 3D Creality CP-01

La dernière machine de CP-01 de Creality avec attachements interchangeables sur la tête pour l'impression 3D, la gravure au laser et la gravure C & C sortira en août 2019. Compatible avec de nombreux types de filaments, la CR-01 peut être notre prochaine
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by Axel Mertes
Sep 04,2019
Interested in Creality CP-01 3d printer
Dear Creality3D Team, I am very interested in testing the Creality CP-01 3d printer. My idea is to use it for prototyping and making film probs (I am working in the film industry in germany and I do have a computer science & 3D design background). Often we need special tools for adding to the camera, but also props to be used in films itself. Working not only with PLA etc. as on my CR-10s but with wood etc. would be extremely helpful in many cases. I am also interested if there will be a larger version (bigger volume or even 2D / 2.5D with larger flat area) and what the price of the device will roughly be. I'd love making an unboxing / review of the device too, especially as my 2 bigger children are doing lots of art at school and this device is probably a good helper in making their visions a (c)reality. Please let me know.
by Mateo Bernabeu
Sep 04,2019
Review in my YouTube channel Architects3DP
Hello, I would love to make a review of this machine in my youtube channel, that you can check in the next link: https://youtube.com/c/architects3DP. It's mainly focused on 3D Printing: 3d printed projects, 3d printer and filament reviews, 3d printer assemblies and more.